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    Lianyungang Yuantai International Trade Co., Ltd. which was formally known as Lianyungang Economic Development Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1992. In 2001, the company was restructured and conferred the import-export operation right approval endowed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, PRC. The registered capital is RMB20million. Lianyungang lies in the central of Chinese coast. It is one of the Chinese first 14 coastal open cities and a key seaport for 12 regions. Lianyungang Port is the only large-scale seaport in Jiangsu Province. There are more than 160 countries with almost thousand seaports doing international trade through Lianyungang Port. Lianyungang is the easternmost origin of Longhai - Lanxin Railway, which is also known as the east bridgehead of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge. It has become the most convenient seaport for outback and western regions. Moreover, Lianyungang is one of the 45 main highway junctions in China which is among the top of nation highway density. In addition, the inland waterway network is also accessible. Lianyungang Port is provided with extensive source of goods.
    It is under such circumstances that we commit ourselves to provide services for manufacturing import and export enterprises and gradually develop into an integrated service-oriented trade enterprise. Currently, a comprehensive platform is established for providing outsourcing import and export services. E-commerce and other varieties of platforms are applied to provide manufacturing import and export enterprises with import and export customs clearance, logistics, finance, foreign exchange, payment, foreign exchange verification, tax rebates and other one-stop services. With the improvement of our influence, our service is also expanding from Jiangsu, Shandong, outback and western regions to Zhejiang, Southeast, Southwest, North and Northeast areas in China. We can provide a wide variety of products and complete logistics chains at all the domestic major ports. No matter in the domestic or global market, we generate extensive influence and establish a good brand image.
    Our company has been honored as Chinese key export enterprise by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC and by authority of Jiangsu province. The annual export amount has continuously ranked the 1st place in Lianyungang for many years. We have been honored as Top 500 Import and Export Private Enterprises in China by the National Ministry of Commerce since 2007.Among them, it reached 350 million U.S. dollars in 2014, ranking 285th. In 2017, our company was awarded as China Integrity Brand Enterprises by China Daily, China Institute of Management Sciences and other institutions. The most important  that our company keeps a sustained and steady development is due to the principles that we always follow: credibility-oriented which means we take credibility as the basis of the enterprise. Therefore, all of our customers, domestic or abroad, speak highly of us after cooperation. The well formed reputation becomes an invisible property of the company.

     Nowadays, we are marching forwards to higher goals. Welcome to join us .Choosing us means you not only choose a sincere friend, but also a reliable partner.